Houston Roofing Companies – The Ugly Truth…

Houston Roofing Companies – 4 Things Every Roof Owner Should Know…

houston roofing Companies

Most Houston roofing companies have a good track record and serve their customers right. However, there are certain things you want to know about so you and your family are protected in the event of a major storm or other situation which would draw “storm chasers” or companies from out of state that come in and try and cash in on the action.

When hiring anyone to perform work on your roof it’s more than wise to make sure you get them all:

  1. Be sure to ask for a copy of their bond and insurance – this will ensure that in case something happens you won’t be stuck with the bill! If when asking for this info they “balk” or don’t want to show you beware.
  2. Make sure they have a local office. Normally the slippery folks do not have a central office (or will set one up at the last minute to pass this test). Ensure they are established and are indeed from your area.
  3.  Check the materials they use. Many out of town roofers will try and cut costs by buying into cheap materials that look pretty. Pretty can break as fast as ugly so make sure they use quality materials in their work and guarantee it as well.
  4. Check with the Better Business Bureau. In addition to the BBB you can also check online reviews since most folks know they can’t hide from the internet. If you do a bad job, your reputation will follow you forever. Be sure to google their company name, employee names and even their email addresses. Google will serve up plenty of info.

Houston Roofing Companies – Highest Quality?

When it comes to quality we all want to think that we got the best out there. Most Houston roofing companies are aware of this fact. The truth is that more times than not getting that “extra thing” is not worth the money unless of course it tends to add value to the home should you be refinancing or selling down the road (even renting). It’s been proven by the real estate law of conformity that getting a roof similar to or the same as your neighbors (without too much deviation), can increase the value of your home, and getting an exotic type roof can actually “hurt” your homes value. So, be sure to go with what the neighborhood already has going on.

Uniqueness can be a great selling point, but try not to go overboard. Braun understands these principles and will make sure you maximize your home value as well as give you proven tips to make sure your roof remains intact for years to come.

 Houston Roofing Companies – Conclusion

Protecting your homes biggest asset should be high on your list of priorities and can cost you dearly should you neglect it.  It’s understood that not everyone looks up at their roof every day, but getting out the binoculars and asking the right questions to your contractor can prove to be a money saving exercise in and of itself.

If you are stumped on something and need someone to bounce your questions off of, we are at your service.

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Metal Roofing Houston – 3 Crucial Things to Check…

 Metal Roofing Houston – Have You Checked Lately…?

Metal roofs are everywhere and tend to be used in commercial and industrial applications. They are sturdy, but over time they can develop pinholes and rusting which can lead to moisture damage and then other damages as a direct result.  Of course these things are no fun to try and fix once they are on a runaway track, and are not inexpensive repairs when left to the rain.

Metal Roofing Houston – What Type of Roof Do You Have?

Whether it’s a standing seam roof, or other type of roof a once a year inspection would be a smart move since you don’t want to pay the piper again and again. So, it’s no secret that not getting out the binoculars can sometimes cost you. Taking 15 minutes a year to do the 3 following things can really help you save big on repairs.

metal roofing houston

 Metal Roofing Houston – 3 Crucial Things to Check…

Be sure to check for these things once a year:

  1. Spots where rust is starting are always an evolving problem. Make sure you check all areas of your roof (especially the corners) for rust and other signs of deterioration.
  2. Overgrowth from surrounding trees and plants can act as a water delivery system to your roof whether metal or not, do try and prune away any and all vegetation from the sides of your roof to avoid moisture problems resulting in rusting and breakdown.
  3. Nests and other animal hangouts can also cause major problems
    as rodents and other outdoor animals like to dig deep into corners
    and pack the water soaked leaves in good.  Unfortunately, these
    guys can’t stay and should be moved to another location (a tree).

 Metal Roofing Houston – Conclusion…

Keeping your eye on these 3 things will put you light years ahead of the repairman and can yield an extra 3-5 years of life to almost any roof. If you own a metal roof in Houston, then you are without a doubt calling the right people should there ever be a problem.

Call us today if your stumped or have a question, we’re glad to get you answers and give you information on how to save on roofing costs as well.

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How Do I Know When I Need a Roof Replacement in Houston?

Need A Replacement Roof In Houston?

New roof contractor in houstonThere are several visible signs that will indicate to customers that a roof needs to be repaired. The biggest sign that a roof needs to be replaced is the condition of the shingles. Shingles that are broken, missing, buckling, or curling are all indicating factors that the roof needs to be replaced. Shingles become like this when they have been damaged by rain, wind, or exposure to extreme heat.

Another sign that a roof needs to be replaced is leaking are huge water bubbles that appear on the ceiling. Leaks and water bubbles happen as a result of water not being repelled by the roof, but instead being soaked into the home.

Other factors that may indicate a major roof repair in Houston is needed include flashings that leak, chimney or skylight seals that are leaking, or feeling major drafts. We at Braun’s Roofing can help homeowners and commercial property managers determine if they need to replace their roof. Call us at Braun’s Roofing to schedule an appointment about your best options for a replacement roof in Houston, Galveston, Katy, or Conroe. 713-645-0505

Roofing Houston – 2 Proven Tips Prevent Serious Worry…

Roofing Houston – How Not to Get ‘Bamboozled’ by Your Roof…

Roofing Houston – Almost everyone knows that a roof is the single most important structure on your home. It literally protects you from the elements, and keeps you and your family safe.  In addition without proper routine maintenance you may be looking at a huge roofing bill coming up soon. Repairs to your roof will always be expensive but it’s good to bear in mind that 90% of these problems can be side stepped if you simply get a check up once a year. Most folks don’t do this and end up paying more than they have to.

houston roofing

With weather being unpredictable, and insurance companies sometimes finding a way out of helping you cover all your costs (after years of paying premiums), it’s smart to make sure your roof is at least adhering to the rules insofar as your policy is concerned. Of course many already know your homeowners insurance provider definitely won’t remind you.

Roofing Houston – 2 Priceless Lookouts to Help You…

Check After Stormy Weather – Having an annual inspection is a good idea, but if you’ve had a recent storm or other type of bad weather it’s good to know if it has done any preliminary damage. Preliminary damage is damage done that has the potential to be destructive. This can include loose flashing, loose or missing shingles, and soffit and fascia damage as well.

Check Your Policy – Sometimes certain policies in some areas include statements that can give your insurance provider an opportunity to turn the other way when you file a claim if certain criteria exists at the time of inspection etc. Normally your roofing company handles this, but it’s always good to hire someone to read through your policy to make double sure you’re covered in the event there is massive damage to your home. Also, some folks don’t know their deductible until it’s too late! Checking these things will put you in a much better position should something happen to your roof during a hail storm etc.

Roofing Houston – Conclusion

Maintaining a roof can be a challenge especially if you live in an area that is hit by bad weather often. 3 tab shingles are the most common type of roofing shingle although there are other higher quality 3 tab’s that you can upgrade to so you can maximize your protection during the winter and summer months when most storms tend to happen.

The Good News… 

You may qualify for a roof upgrade depending on the work that needs done. When roofers are doing a bunch of business in a given area, they tend to compete on price with the other companies that are canvassing the neighborhood. This can mean big savings for you, and maybe even a super quality upgrade! A new roof can add ‘curb appeal’ to your home if your selling it, and can even add $ to your asking price.

Even if you are not planning on selling any time soon, having a high quality roof placed on your home can do a ton for your home in the way of saving you time (since it’s new etc), and getting the most roof for your dollar.

For more info and a free inspection give us a ring – we would be happy to help you avoid big costs to your roof, and provide you with as many options for replacement as we can.

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Roof Repair Houston – 3 Things to Know…

Roof Repair Houston – Is Your Roof Too Old?

If you typed in ‘Roof Repair Houston‘, we are glad to see you! Normally when you look up at your roof (with binoculars preferably), you can get some idea of the age of your roof. Regular 3-tab shingles have an average useful life span of 15 years.  If it’s been a while since the last time your roof was replaced, it might be time to take a good look up there. Although there are reasons NOT to look, there are 10 times as many reason TO take a gander.

Here are 3 Proven Reasons:

Invisible Leaks. You can have unseen leaks silently destroying your roof from the inside out. If you live in dry and hot climates it has the effect of creating cracks in the shingles (which are largely invisible to the eye), and this can cost up to 10 times the cost of a new roof. It’s important to have someone come out and check your roof because severe water damage can happen to anyone, at anytime.

Insurance Policies. Some insurance policies call for a regular inspection to prevent water damage. With some insurance companies, if the find out you haven’t done this, they might give you a hard time when it comes time to file a real life, legitimate claim. As if there wasn’t enough stress with getting a new roof already!

Granules in Your Gutter – Downspout Shoe. It’s always a good idea to take a look in your gutters to see if the granules of the shingles are coming loose. When you see these granules (like sand) in your gutter or downspout, this is a clear indicator that at the very least you should have an inspection done. The granules help to reflect the sunlight away from the roof. When they come off, your roof get roasted by the sun and will inevitably develop serious issues.

Roof Repair in Houston Texas – How Do I Get My Roof Fixed?

If you know your roof needs work it’s best to have a certified roofing professional come out to your home and check and double check your roof to make sure there isn’t anything happening that could spell disaster for you later on. Like most things on a home your roof needs a regular check up and can go south on you quick if your not careful.

Unfortunately for many folks who wait a year to file a claim, their roof ends up ‘wrecked’ because several months had passed. Leaks in roofs can be tricky and extremely hard to find. This is why getting a roof inspection is a smart way to go. In the end yes, you may end up having to pay out a deductible, but it’s better than waiting until water rips it’s way through your attic (and believe me it can).

Roof repair houston

Roof Repair Houston Texas – Conclusion…

Just looking through binoculars isn’t enough for most roof tops, and if there is really something that needs addressed, you need to fix it right away.  If not, stuff can pile up inside and outside your roof and have you signing the blues all the way home. Don’t wait until the 11th hour to get it checked. It could very well mean the difference between a small fixable problem, and a problem that can steal dollars right out from under you and your family. Keep your roof and your family safe and schedule an inspection with us today.

We’ll come out and make sure you and your roof don’t get ‘soaked’ by the weather.

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Best Houston Roofing Company

Best Houston Roofing Company

If you have roof damage, chances are you are looking for the best Houston Roofing Company to help with an emergency repair. It’s really important to do some due diligence & research. Our Houston roofing industry is so very competitive and it’s a good practice to always contact a few companies and make comparisons. While it’s quite common to go with the first company you find, you won’t really have a good feel of the service other Houston roofing companies offer, until you make interviews and comparisons. You can do this by looking online & asking friends and neighbors. Simply jot down names of companies from Internet search’s and look at yard signs and logos on work vehicles.

Don’t go crazy here and make a list of a dozen or so companies; just look at 3 to 5 companies and research them. It’s important to find out if they offer residential or commercial roofing in Houston and many companies will offer both. For instance… if you are a commercial business owner, you don’t want a residential roofer doing the work. Why? It’s simple. There are many details in a commercial roofing project that they may not be familiar with.

To get a good feel for the best roofers in Houston go to the web and look for reviews left by previous customers. Reviews will provide an overview of the service they offered and overall customer satisfaction as to what you can expect in dealing with the company. It’s a no-brainer to pass on a company if you see more  negative reviews than positive. Most likely, you will have a very similar experience.

Always make a few calls to different roofing companies and ask them to inspect your roof and provide an estimate. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you are just getting a repair, or an entirely new roof, you want to find out what the entire expense is going to be. When you get an estimate, you want it to be complete and in writing. All parts and labor should be included within the estimate that you are given. If any company asks your for a deposit, don’t give them one.

Now that you have interviewed 3 or more Houston Roofing companies, you will have a good feeling about who you want to use. You’ll have collected information and… you’ll have the experience of having spoken with different roofing companies with 1st hand knowledge and a good feeling about  how they answered your questions.

Then, it will be easy for you to make an intelligent decision from the group and find the best roofer in Houston to handle your damaged roof repairs.

Be sure to keep our phone number handy for just such an emergency. Braun’s Roofing is considered as one of the Best Houston Roofing Companies with over 50,000 roof repairs in Houston completed since 1987. Call US: 713-645-0505.

Roofing Contractor Galveston TX


galveston roofing contractorIf you’re looking for a Galveston TX roofing contractor to repair recent storm damage to your roof, Braun’s Roofing is known for affordable prices and free, competitive bids. Are you a Galveston property owner or property manager? You should keep Brauns contact info in your contact list for any roofing emergency; we offer complete roofing services for commercial and residential applications… even if it’s a new roof or minor repairs.

Braun’s Roofing has been serving the needs of Galveston & Houston property owners for 28 years. We started in 1987 and have grown in one of the largest and most respected roofing contractors in the Houston area.

We are proud to be a respected member of the Better Business Bureau.

Here is a menu of roofing and restoration services we provide. Expect prompt service, quality materials, and expert roofers.

We handle numerous roofing projects including:

• Roof installations
• Roofing repair
• Emergency roof repairs.
• New construction
• Roof remodeling
• Commercial roofing
• Residential roofing
• Car port roofing
• Outbuilding roof materials
• Metallic roofs
• Spanish tile roofs
• Gravel roof materials
• Composite roofs
• Slate and natural stone roofing projects
• Wooden shake shingle roofing projects

And our expert installers provide these additional services:

Storm windows and doors, Vinyl and Hardi-board siding, Gutters, Insulation & Painting

No matter your roofing or remodeling situation, Braun’s Roofing is ready to help all residential homeowners and commercial property managers. There’s never a charge for an estimate… Call 281-480-9900 for immediate service.

As Galveston’s premier roofing contractor, we are committed to serving all of your roofing and remodel needs… including storm damage.

Braun’s Galveston Roofing contractors are experienced with working with individual homeowners, business owners, property managers, contractors, and insurance companies. Call Braun’s Roofing whenever you need a roofer to take care of your Galveston, TX leaking roof or a crew of roofers for a large construction project because you can count on Braun’s!

Braun’s Roofing
Galveston, Texas, 77550 United States

Galveston Roofing Contractor



Braun’s Roofing is a trusted, certified and bonded roofing expert that Texans have trusted since 1987. We guarantee your satisfaction and pledge to provide you with the best service at our lowest possible cost.

Roofing Industrial

Braun’s Roofing Industrial: Metal roof and wall panels go through stringent testing to ensure they meet the highest construction standards, making metal an environmentally responsible choice for buildings of all types.

Roofing Commercial

Braun’s Roofing Commercial: Whirlwind’s Building Components, Architectural Building Components,  GenFlex Roofing Systems. These are some of the reliable products that Braun’s Roofing uses.