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Roof Repair Houston – Is Your Roof Too Old?

If you typed in ‘Roof Repair Houston‘, we are glad to see you! Normally when you look up at your roof (with binoculars preferably), you can get some idea of the age of your roof. Regular 3-tab shingles have an average useful life span of 15 years.  If it’s been a while since the last time your roof was replaced, it might be time to take a good look up there. Although there are reasons NOT to look, there are 10 times as many reason TO take a gander.

Here are 3 Proven Reasons:

Invisible Leaks. You can have unseen leaks silently destroying your roof from the inside out. If you live in dry and hot climates it has the effect of creating cracks in the shingles (which are largely invisible to the eye), and this can cost up to 10 times the cost of a new roof. It’s important to have someone come out and check your roof because severe water damage can happen to anyone, at anytime.

Insurance Policies. Some insurance policies call for a regular inspection to prevent water damage. With some insurance companies, if the find out you haven’t done this, they might give you a hard time when it comes time to file a real life, legitimate claim. As if there wasn’t enough stress with getting a new roof already!

Granules in Your Gutter – Downspout Shoe. It’s always a good idea to take a look in your gutters to see if the granules of the shingles are coming loose. When you see these granules (like sand) in your gutter or downspout, this is a clear indicator that at the very least you should have an inspection done. The granules help to reflect the sunlight away from the roof. When they come off, your roof get roasted by the sun and will inevitably develop serious issues.

Roof Repair in Houston Texas – How Do I Get My Roof Fixed?

If you know your roof needs work it’s best to have a certified roofing professional come out to your home and check and double check your roof to make sure there isn’t anything happening that could spell disaster for you later on. Like most things on a home your roof needs a regular check up and can go south on you quick if your not careful.

Unfortunately for many folks who wait a year to file a claim, their roof ends up ‘wrecked’ because several months had passed. Leaks in roofs can be tricky and extremely hard to find. This is why getting a roof inspection is a smart way to go. In the end yes, you may end up having to pay out a deductible, but it’s better than waiting until water rips it’s way through your attic (and believe me it can).

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Roof Repair Houston Texas – Conclusion…

Just looking through binoculars isn’t enough for most roof tops, and if there is really something that needs addressed, you need to fix it right away.  If not, stuff can pile up inside and outside your roof and have you signing the blues all the way home. Don’t wait until the 11th hour to get it checked. It could very well mean the difference between a small fixable problem, and a problem that can steal dollars right out from under you and your family. Keep your roof and your family safe and schedule an inspection with us today.

We’ll come out and make sure you and your roof don’t get ‘soaked’ by the weather.

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