At Braun’s Roofing, we use a complete line of windows to suit any new construction or replacement project, including wood, vinyl and aluminum products in the Houston area. Our strong relationships with some of the industry’s most respected manufacturers ensures Houston Home & Business owners that every window and door we install is of superior quality and value. If you are replacing windows, then you should consider replacing your exterior doors at the same time for additional energy efficiency.

Wincore® Windows

New construction & replacement windows and doors.

You expect a lot from a window manufacturer. That’s why Braun’s Roofing cares too. For retrofit (remodeling) applications, nobody can top Wincore’s® innovation and their attention to detail. In fact, with two different series options and multiple styles to choose from, you’ll find those innovative details and unmistakable quality craftsmanship in every piece of vinyl and every piece of glass. Like contoured vinyl frames that truly replicate the traditional appearance of wood. And Low E glass coupled with warm-edge technology that ensures state-of-the-art modern performance and energy efficiency. After all, you wouldn’t settle for anything less. So, why would we?

Wincore® has proven expertise in the windows and doors industry, you can clearly see their promise of quality and innovation in every window and door they make. Not to mention how they go about making them. To them, it’s about creating an environment that brings out the best in everyone, and accepts nothing less. It’s about doing things the way they should be done, not necessarily the way they’ve always been done. It’s about giving back to their communities and the things that matter most. And it’s about family — theirs, as well as yours.

At Wincore’s® philosophy is simple. It’s not about being the biggest. It’s about being the best.
Because to Wincore®, that’s the way it should be.

5400 Series


  • Attractive contoured frame fits with any
  • home style.
  • Dual-paned glass unit can be ordered with optional Low E glass and an Argon gas fill to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Insulating glass unit is set ½” into the sash to keep edges warmer.
  • Frames and sash, welded at the corners, create strong, effective units.
  • Weatherseals placed at key points around each sash increase weather performance by reducing air flow.
  • Standard Low E/Argon-filled insulating glass unit provides years of energy efficiency.
  • The U-channel spacer system is more efficient than conventional box spacers because it reduces conduction rates.
  • Contoured grids are located inside the insulating glass unit provide a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.
  • Comprehensive warranty

7700 Features

  • Beveled frame design replicates the traditional appearance of wood.
  • Standard Low E glass and an Argon gas fill inside the insulating glass unit work together to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Insulating glass unit is set ½” deep into the sash – keeping the edges of the glass warmer and moderating the temperature of the entire glass surface.
  • Frames and sash are welded at mitered corners to create strong rigid units.
  • Vinyl frames are chambered with individualized pockets of airtight space to increase insulating values.
  • Weatherseals placed at key points around each sash virtually eliminate air and water infiltration.
  • The U-channel spacer system is made of tin-plated steel and is more efficient than conventional box spacers because it weakens and slows temperature transference.
  • Contoured grids are located inside the insulating glass unit for a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.
  • Comprehensive warranty covers vinyl, insulating glass units, hardware and screens.


Simonton Windows®

Manufacturer of high-quality vinyl windows.

The right choice for the ultimate coastal protection.
Simonton Windows® understands that residents of coastal areas want the best impact protection available against strong storms and high winds. That’s why Simonton StormBreaker® windows and patio doors are designed to be extremely strong. Plus, they’re constructed of premium vinyl to achieve excellent thermal efficiency. And they provide years of beauty with almost no maintenance.

Strong: Simonton StormBreaker Plus® vinyl windows and doors lead the way in proven impact performance. Their durability starts with double-strength glass that’s laminated so it is able to withstand high winds and flying debris without the need for plywood or shutters. Profiles made of remarkably sturdy premium vinyl are then reinforced with steel. The result is a line of impact-resistant windows and doors so impressive they can even survive stringent building codes.


Efficient: Simonton StormBreaker Plus® vinyl windows and doors are different. Their premium vinyl is inherently an excellent insulator. Unlike other materials, such as aluminum, which conduct energy easily, vinyl does not. When combined with a double-strength, laminated insulating glass unit, our vinyl windows and doors are truly superior in helping a home retain cooled air, regardless of outside temperatures. In fact, StormBreaker Plus® products are so thermally efficient, they can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines—even in harsh climates.

Beautiful: Simonton StormBreaker Plus® windows are available in a variety of styles, along with coordinating Patio and Garden Doors. All products are available with an assortment of glass and grid options typically associated with traditional windows. Their attractive vinyl profiles are designed to complement virtually every architectural style, with classic lines and a rich appearance that reveal little of their formidable strength. And their beauty will not fade, even in harsh conditions. Unlike aluminum, premium vinyl will never pit, peel or flake. Best of all, they require virtually no maintenance.

Click Here to view Simonton Windows® website for more product details.


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