Metal Roofing Houston – 3 Crucial Things to Check…

 Metal Roofing Houston – Have You Checked Lately…?

Metal roofs are everywhere and tend to be used in commercial and industrial applications. They are sturdy, but over time they can develop pinholes and rusting which can lead to moisture damage and then other damages as a direct result.  Of course these things are no fun to try and fix once they are on a runaway track, and are not inexpensive repairs when left to the rain.

Metal Roofing Houston – What Type of Roof Do You Have?

Whether it’s a standing seam roof, or other type of roof a once a year inspection would be a smart move since you don’t want to pay the piper again and again. So, it’s no secret that not getting out the binoculars can sometimes cost you. Taking 15 minutes a year to do the 3 following things can really help you save big on repairs.

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 Metal Roofing Houston – 3 Crucial Things to Check…

Be sure to check for these things once a year:

  1. Spots where rust is starting are always an evolving problem. Make sure you check all areas of your roof (especially the corners) for rust and other signs of deterioration.
  2. Overgrowth from surrounding trees and plants can act as a water delivery system to your roof whether metal or not, do try and prune away any and all vegetation from the sides of your roof to avoid moisture problems resulting in rusting and breakdown.
  3. Nests and other animal hangouts can also cause major problems
    as rodents and other outdoor animals like to dig deep into corners
    and pack the water soaked leaves in good.  Unfortunately, these
    guys can’t stay and should be moved to another location (a tree).

 Metal Roofing Houston – Conclusion…

Keeping your eye on these 3 things will put you light years ahead of the repairman and can yield an extra 3-5 years of life to almost any roof. If you own a metal roof in Houston, then you are without a doubt calling the right people should there ever be a problem.

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