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When looking for a Pearland Roofing Contractor, look no further than Braun’s Roofing… 713-645-0505

With over 50,000+ roofing repairs and projects successfully completed in the Houston area, Braun’s Roofing should be your Pearland roofing contractor of choice.

There are a lot of roofing contractors that show up after a storm, but Braun’s has the personnel, experience and trust to deal with difficult insurance adjusters and get the results you deserve. After a storm, your residential or commercial property may suffer from damage not readily seen and that is the number one reason to call Braun’s roofing 1st; they have the professional experience to look a little further, dig a little deeper to find damage others may miss.

Braun’s estimators are trained to service a wide variety of roof styles including metal roofs, asphalt roofs, tile roofs, shake roofs, slate roofs, composite roofs, and they can repair and install any roof style and material type.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building, remodeling, or restoring… you might want to consider upgrading to a metal roof installation by Braun’s Roofing. A new metal roof on your Pearland home or office will surely impress and give you long lasting protection from most anything that mother nature sends your way.

Composite roofing materials are popular and affordable and new technology is producing some exciting material options. Available in rolls or individual shingles these high tech materials now offer higher wind resistance ratings than in the past and therefore, composite roofing materials are an excellent choice. One new option for your consideration are reflective shingles that can improve energy efficiency.

At Braun’s, you can be sure of quality brands & roofing materials, as we only work with the best quality products from the major roof materials manufacturers and suppliers. All of our suppliers offer warranties and great product lines covering residential and commercial roofing applications. From single family rooftops to commercial buildings, apartments, schools, and churches Braun’s has the experienced installers and materials from brands you can trust.

In Pearland, Braun’s Roofing contractors service minor roof repairs to complex roof demolitions and replacements, including concrete and vinyl siding, storm window/door installation, gutter repair and installation for a new look and long term protection against the elements.

Braun’s Roofing works hard to provide the best roofing materials and installation to commercial and residential roofing customers in Pearland and Houston including:

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PEearland Roof repairs (minor and major)
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Pearland Room additions and remodels
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Pearland Emergency roof cover-ups and repairs

We urge our customers to make the best choice when you need a Pearland Roofing Contractor. Always ask to see their license, insurance information and check to see if they are BBB Listed before making any decisions. Be sure to include Braun’s Roofing in any roofing decision.

With over 50,000 roofing projects completed, this Pearland Roofing Contractor has the experience to give you an affordable and professional solution to any roofing dilemma you may have.

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