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Braun’s Roofing Commercial: Whirlwind’s Building Components, Architectural Building Components,  GenFlex Roofing Systems. These are some of the reliable products that Braun’s Roofing uses.


Braun’s Roofing Industrial: Metal roof and wall panels go through stringent testing to ensure they meet the highest construction standards, making metal an environmentally responsible choice for buildings of all types.


Braun’s Roofing is a trusted, certified and bonded roofing expert that Texans have trusted since 1987. We guarantee your satisfaction and pledge to provide you with the best service at our lowest possible cost.


  Braun’s Roofing Residential: Whirlwind’s Residential Product line,  GAF Materials Corporation, CertainTeed, James Hardie, Owens Cornering


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Latest News

5 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Roofing in Houston

Posted February 25, 2015 by Skeeter Braun

Your roof is your business property’s crowning glory, its first line of protection against harsh weather elements like rain, wind, hail and the blazing sun. While it’s possible for a roof to last for decades, the exact life span will depend upon numerous factors such as its materials, the quality and integrity of the installation process used, and how well the roof is maintained over the years. Commercial roofing in Houston benefits greatly from the services of an experienced, professional roofing contractor; however, some basic annual maintenance steps can also increase a roof’s longevity. Make sure these key areas are addressed, and you’ll keep your commercial property secure and protected.

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